Social Networking Website Like Facebook and Instagram

Original price was: ₹29000.Current price is: ₹14500.

  • People can sent each others friend request as design by web desinger in udalguri
  • Sent private message to anyone
  • Create Group , invite People to group
  • Great looking front-end profile page with cover images.
  • Has clean looking blogs which will bost your trafiic from google
  • It has a woocommerce feature , i mean you can sale your products online here which is a great achievement in creating this website.
  • Accept online payments like amazon , flipkart you couldn’t expect more from web desinger in udalguri at this price range
  • You get Free Logo for your business as per your design
  • Advance search box for product or people search at the same time
  • All pages design are customizable , so you can choose whatever you like
  • All the features available which are present in facebook
  • Upload post , Status like Facebook

You Need to Know from web desinger in udalguri before Running the Website

The most amazing thing about this Social Networking Website is that everything happens on the front-end like User Dashboard , Profile management dashboard etc.We will design you a dynamic , easy to use website ,the most important thing is that you dnt have to write single line of code for this webiste its a brand promise from the best web designer in udalguri , we will build you a complete control panel for everythig . If you need any changes you just simply click and everything will be change according to you in your live server.

Dnt worry we will tech you everything , infact we will give you a free 2- 3 hours long video where all the information like how to use the website , how to handle the server , how to do seo everything will be provided to you on that video.

web desinger in udalguri

Engaging Cumminuty :

Its time to engage with new people , in this website you can sent friend request to new people , joint different types group , you can also invite people to the group.

Ecommerce Features :

The most amazing features is that you get a free ecommerce services on this website like you can sale your own product like amazon or flipkart .You can accept online payments right on your website.


Responsive Design :

Its really important after you create your website to check if your website is mobile friendly or not if its not you better make your website mobile friendly because according to google 90% of the internet user , or customer visit website in the mobile device , so its more profitable when your website is mobile friendly , but lucky for you web desinger in udalguri has covered you everything  , We have used a very lightweight framework that boosts your website performance and offers fast page loading speeds on mobile and desktop.


Easy Customization :

With the Live Customizer, We allow you to manage individual page settings & page builder support; you can easily manage your website using live previews.




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