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  • Importing Coupons from affiliate website
  • Front End Coupon Submit for users from very low cost web designer near me
  • Three types of coupon creation
  • Coupon Timing management as per affiliate website
  • Dynamic Smart Search for displaying coupons
  • Successful Level Of Coupon
  • Visual Page Builder so that you can live edit
  • Frontend Profile Pages for your users
  • Your users can login via Google/ Facebook account
  • In build Speed Optimization tool
  • In build Search Engine Optimization tool
  • Translate Ready (RTL Included) for all language

Importing Coupons from affiliate website :

This is a complete affiliate website for coupons at very Low cost web designer near me .With the help of our important tools like WP All Import you will be able to import coupons either from your file or file provided from your affiliate network which you want to market.All is done with drag & drop and explained in details in documentation video which we will provide you after the order where all the imformation about the site like how to handle the site and make changes in the site , control panel , imean everything you need to know before you running the website all be there , so you dnt have to worry a thing.That why we thing its the best platform to build your own website and its the Low cost web designer near me . You dnt need any programming language to run this website all the functions will be drag and drop,if you want to make any changes you just simply drag and drop and everything will be changed to your live server.

In build Visual Page Builder:

We’ve designed multiple elements which you can organize to create your own Home Page and everything is done via fastest drag & drop plugin out there.You dnt need any programming language to make any changes to the website.

low cost web designer near me


Front End Coupon Submit:

In order to increase interaction with your visitors you will have the ability to allow your users to submit their own coupons which will need to be reviews before the publishing so you have complete control over everything, i mean when they submit a coupon to your website it will be pending for approval of your because you are the owner of the website , after your approval the coupons will be live on your website.

Three types of coupon creation:

You can serve three types of coupons on like : Coupon Code ( online code which is usually used at checkout ), Online Sale ( it will lead visitor to sale page ), In Store Coupon ( printable coupon which user will take to the store ). So basically this are the main coupon type in any ecommerce website , so i guess it will cover everything.

Coupon Timing management:

Coupons can last forever or they can have some limited time as you know that big company’s are always give coupon for limited time and limited access people. Both of them are fully supported by this website and their expire dates and count down clocks are presented to visitors dynamicly.Visitors also have the ability to sort coupons by expire time which mean they will select the coupon by in which time they will be needed the coupon.With this kind of great fetures this platform is the only platform where you can get low cost web designer near me .Its the top list web design agency near you,trust me.

Dynamic Smart Search:


On search listing only active coupons are being displayed and listing type and sorting order is remembered for each user and is applied on their every search until they decide to change it. This way visitors always get what they want , its the idea to make your website professional infront of your user.

Successful Level Of Coupon:

Every coupon can work or not and that feedback is also collected from your visitors and it is served to others so they can know if the coupon is worth the time or not. This is present graphically and numerically , after copy the coupon which they like and after used it your user can come to your website and give a feedback whether the coupon is valid or not.

Frontend Profile Pages:

Each user can register and get the options to save their favorite stores and coupons so he can store them for later usage or the keep track what is used and what’s not.

Social Login:

As we all know that people hate to remember their password/username sets for each site or they just do not like to go through registration process on every website in the world.That’s why we’ve install a system for social login so they can use their facebook, twitte or google + account to register and login on your website.

In build Speed Optimization tool: Low Cost Web Designer Near Me

We know that what google wants and what you want beside good looking of the website, speed is very important for search engie optimization also and that’s why we’ve designed this website which hooks into already created queries of any framework so searching and listing is fastest as it can possibly be.

In build SEO Optimization tool:

Beside the looks and speed third crucial part of good website is SEO ranking since what is it worth to have awesome site when nobody knows about it. We’ve used latest SEO standards in the website so you do not have to worry about it. Also we will design you a custome SEO software where you can measure your webiste ranking and improvemnt also there you will see bugs too. So you can verify it first before google does and make it healthy.Where do you thing this kind of feature you will get at low cost web designer near me .24siteshop is the only platform which can make your website like parking fee.

Translate Ready (RTL Included):

This website is easy to translate using poEdit program and pot file from language folder. Site has designed to work awesome on LTR and RTL languages so do not worry we’ve covered complete Globe. Its all you can get from  low cost web designer near me. User can see your website all around the world, if they looking from other country the languages on your website will will be auto traslated.


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